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Co-Op High School Rental Rates

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(All rates are subject to change)

PLEASE NOTE: Co-Op High School is not available during the month of August.


New Haven based, non-profit organization fundraising events, church services/meetings and other requests (performances).


Non-New Haven services/meetings (including non-profit fundraising events/performances), and all for profit organization events.

 Mainstage Theatre  $300 per event  $1,000 per event
 Cafeteria  $300 per event  $500 per event
 Dance Studio*  $50 per hour  $100 per hour

 *4 hour minimum and time constraints apply

 Custodial (required)  $48 per hour  $96 per hour
 Security  $48 per hour  $96 per hour
 Stage Technician (minimum 2)
 $50 per hour  $100 per hour
 Energy Surcharge (required)  $40 per hour  $80 per hour


1. Tickets

CAPA has a contract with TicketMaster for all events at Co-Op High School. CAPA sets up and supervises each event on the system. The associated charges are as follows:

$100 per performance set-up fee
5% credit card commission

2. Insurance

To be obtained by presenter/renter. The presenter/renter is required to obtain liability insurance as provided in the rental agreement.

3. Stage Manager

To be provided by presenter/renter. If not, a qualified technician will be provided to call the show for a fee of $50 per hour.

4. Front of House Staff

Renter must provide Front of House staff, which must include a ticket seller and a minimum of 6 ushers.

5. Performance License

All license fees and or rights necessary to publicly present performance are the sole responsibly of the renter.

6. Handicapped accessibility

All rental spaces at Co-Op High School are handocapped Accessable. The Mainstage Theater has several locations to accommodate wheelchair or transfer access.

7. Alcoholic Beverages

No alcoholic beverages of any kind are allowed on the premises.

The rental spaces at Co-Op High School are managed by CAPA, a non-profit theater management and presenting organization.