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Shubert Theatre Rental Rates

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665 Orchestra
474 Mezzanine
392 Balcony
60    Boxes

1591 Total

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(Subject to change without notice)

Theatre - For Profit

One Performance: $2500 (Friday or Saturday: $3000)
Additional Performance Same Day: $750
Rehearsal/Load-In: $750

Theatre - New Haven Non Profit

One Performance: $1500 (Friday or Saturday: $2000)
Additional Performance Same Day: $750
Rehearsal/Load-In: $750

(For events where tickets will be sold to the general public, rental clients must provide proof of a successful track record of presenting events in other venues of 2,000 seats or more.)

Special Event - Lobby Rental**

$350/hr (80-150 guest banquet style or 150-300 guests reception style)

Special Event - Marcum Suite Rental** 

$275/hr (50 guests banquet style or 75 guests reception style) 

**Minimum 4 hour rental. Includes 1 event manager. Additional event labor billed as needed.

Additional Rental Costs

Front of House Expenses

(Includes house manager ushers, ticket takers, tickets sellers, stage door security, marquee, cleaning for standard events)
0-500 patrons: $1,200
501-1000 patrons: $2,300
1,000 + patrons: $2,800

Stage Door Attendant: $18.50/hr
T-shirt Security: $20/hr/person
Existing Sound System: $500 to $2500
Lighting System: $350 to $1200
Followspot Rental (3): $150 per spotlight + labor
Projector/screen: $350
Risers: $35 each
Piano (Upright Yamaha): $325 includes one tuning
Internet: $50/day
Utilities: $450/day
Pre or Post show reception: $250
Prep Kitchen use (as available): $125/hr


The non-refundable deposit amount is the full amount of basic rent.

Stagehand Labor

Subject to the work rules, minimums and overtime provisions. An estimate will be provided upon request.


CAPA has a contract with Ticketmaster for all events at the Shubert Theatre. CAPA sets up and supervises each event on the system. The associated charges are as follows:
$200 set-up fee
25¢ per ticket for printing fee (15¢ nonprofit)
5% credit card fee (can be charged to customer)
Online and phone sales are subject to current Ticketmaster agreement.

Restoration Fee

To maintain, preserve, and enhance the beauty and working condition of the theatre, a $4.00 per ticket “Restoration Charge” is added to the base ticket price of each ticket.


To be obtained by presenter/renter. The presenter/renter is required to obtain liability insurance as provided in the rental agreement.

Merchandise Commission

20% if renter or artist provide seller, 30% if theatre personnel sell. Commission is based on gross (not net of any taxes). 6.7% sales tax shall be the responsibility of the presenter/renter. Out of state Producer/renters or clients without state sales tax permit will remit CT state sales tax to CAPA which will report and remit to CT Department of Revenue promptly.


Promoter is responsible for paying ASCAP, BMI and SESAC.

Placing a hold

Holds may be placed and held for up to two weeks. After that time, your hold will be released if you have not communicated with Sheri Kaplan, General Manager, in writing. If you do not check in, your date may be released without further notice from CAPA. To confirm a date you will need to sign a contract and send in a deposit. A certificate of insurance is required two (2) months before the performance.

Before you sign a contract

In addition to the basic rental charge, you will have charges for sound, lights, labor, ticketing, front of house, and security. These are the basic charges incurred for every rental. Depending on the nature of your event, additional fees may apply. An estimate of all expenses must be obtained prior to booking.

Paying your Bill

Your full estimate must be paid in full one (1) month prior to your event. If you have enough money in your ticket sales to cover your estimated expenses the show can proceed. If you have not sold enough tickets to cover your expenses, remaining expenses must be paid to CAPA in the form of cash or a certified check. CAPA will provide all renters with a full settlement of expenses following the event.


To host YOUR next performance or event at the Shubert Theatre,
please complete our Rental Questionnaire, or call 203.624.1825.

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The Shubert Theatre is owned and managed by CAPA, a non-profit theater management and presenting organization.