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Beyond The Construction

August 14th, 2014 by admin

Currently around its midpoint, the first phase of the Shubert Theater renovation project is in full swing. However, there is more than just your typical construction going on. Some of the unique murals created and signed by the casts that have performed at the Shubert Theatre have been carefully removed from the walls. shay and rob graffiti photoWhy? Because some individuals felt that they needed to be saved! When Shubert Board Member Shay Atluru of DTC and Rob Bolduc of Boldwood Interiors approached Sheri Kaplan, the Shubert Theatre’s General Manager, with their idea, she immediately agreed and was invaluable in brainstorming ways to save these important snapshots of history. She saw the importance of saving these murals and was beyond helpful in rescuing them. If left on the walls, the beautiful murals would be destroyed by the renovation efforts taking place at the Shubert. Some of these works of art date back to the 60’s, complete with signatures of every cast member. This salvation process was made difficult by the fact that these murals were not created on material then pasted on the wall, but rather created right on walls, stairwells, doorways and any other imaginable space. This required precise work that was perfectly executed by Rob and overseen by Sheri. Their dedication and commitment to this is truly an inspiration.

Photo of Rob Bolduc with some of the newly removed murals

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Shay Atluru, Shubert Board Member

President & Corporate General Manager, Diversified Technology Consultants (DTC)