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Three times the charm! – A Shubert Summer Theater & Arts Camper says his experience just keeps getting better each year!

April 27th, 2015 by admin

There are many things that I consider fun and memorable about the Shubert Co-Op camp. There are many great things I can say, but there is not enough time or space.  My first summer at the Shubert Co-Op Camp was fantastic!  I was always made to feel very welcome. Faculty and my fellow campers were always very positive and encouraged me to pursue various roles and characters. I made many friends. The teachers were very supportive. The teachers were very funny and clever and never Aladdin 1boring. I enjoyed the early morning exercises and fun gimmicks that woke me up. I remember very vividly a teacher’s assistant named David that led student activities. I really liked him. He was funny and smart and full of life and humor.

I was much more comfortable my second year at the camp and I loved how a lot of people from the year before came back.  This included teachers, assistants, and campers. I always felt that the camp went out of its way to make sure that no student felt unhappy or unwelcome. In some ways the camp was like one big family and everybody was adopted into it. I enjoyed each brief period after lunch time when the camp would split into groups and do different activities. These would be activities such as dodgeball or watching a movie. This provided campers the opportunity to make friends among the other campers and meet new people.

pb&jI enjoyed the field trips and the independence of attending camp in the city of New Haven. I never felt that I was treated like a baby. I like feeling like a big kid. I really look forward to returning this summer for another fun and action packed experience!

                         Matthew L.


100th Gala “Confessions” from a member of Rex Smith’s Fan Club

April 20th, 2015 by admin

Please enjoy this wonderful recollection from the Shubert 100th Gala, held on Saturday, March 21st, by one of the members of Rex Smith’s Fan Club.  Rex was one of our Honorees that evening, along with Betty Buckley and Barbara Cook. Lucille traveled from New York to see her favorite performer…enjoy her story…71xolE4I-rL__SL290_


The Gala was wonderful, all the men were in tuxes and ladies were in gowns … Rex and Brandon(Rex’s son) were in tuxes – Tracy (Rex’s wife) and Lailina (Rex’s daughter-in-law) were in floor length gowns. Rex looked terrific in his tux – and I believe there is nothing as sexy as a man in a tux. Brandon had on tails – Lailina told me the tux Brandon had on was the one Rex wore in Sunset Blvd. When Brandon tried it on it fit him perfectly – not an inch of tailoring was needed.

Rex was his animated, happy, normal self – working the room (as I say). The dinner was on the Shubert stage – very nicely done – food was good and there were tons of wait staff to take care of everything from drinks to wine to dinner to coffee and dessert. When the time came for the awards, Betty Buckley told some funny stories of what took place on the Shubert stage in shows she performed in – it was great to hear how back in the day she did her own stage make up which actually turned out to be a fiasco … after that the Shubert’s hired a professional makeup artist ….you had to be there to get the full joke. There was a video on a large screen from other stars that performed at the theatre wishing the Shubert another 100 years … Barbara Cook was not able to attend due to illness. Then it was Rex’s turn …Rex talked about the shows he did at the Shubert Theatre and talked a little about his “Confessions” show and he told me later he wants to bring “Confessions” to New Haven, CT and perform it at Shubert Theatre. I thought hmm, maybe the gang can campaign to make that happen – more to be continued on that one….

Rex with fellow Honoree Tony Award winner Betty Buckley

Rex with fellow Honoree Tony Award winner Betty Buckley

Rex sang “This Is The Moment” (from the musical Jekyl & Hyde) as some of his videos from Confessions were being shown on the big over head screen behind him. He sang great with such enthusiasm and his BIG voice – he was perfect. A guy sitting at my table said “I didn’t know how well Rex Smith could sing” : I said “OH THE MAN CAN SING ALRIGHT!” Rex actually got a standing ovation ( by me of course) and another guy at my table – along with some others in the room, but the applause went on for what seemed a very long time – after Rex sang the MC concluded the evening and thanked everyone for coming andhoped everyone enjoyed the evening. Then there was no way for me to get to Rex he was mobbed (politely) with tons of people wanting to talk to him and take pictures with him. Rex was such a gentleman – he spoke to everyone, signed autographs, and continued to take pictures for a long time. Music was playing and people started to dance. Then the crowd started to dwindle out and I saw Rex and Brandon leave the stage and run up the aisle and looked like they were leaving and said they would be right back . That’s when I was able to talk to Lailina and next thing I saw, about 20 minutes later in the back of the Stage, was Rex at the bar talking to more people who had formed a new long line to talk to him and take more pictures with him – that was basically when I waited to talk to him and said good night and he thanked me for coming and to “Keep Showing up” – I said “OK my friend, No Problem”.

Lucille G.

Member of Rex Smith Fan Club

A cute little story about meeting Danny Kaye at the Shubert

April 7th, 2015 by admin

As we celebrate our 100th Anniversary this season, we are sharing stories from Edith Goodmaster. Edith worked at the Shubert for 25 years, as the private secretary of Maurice Bailey. Mr. Bailey operated the theatre during its Golden Era, and is credited with coining the phrase “Birthplace of the Nation’s Greatest Hits”.Edith_NEW2

As you can imagine, Edith has wonderful memories that she has been generous to share with us.

Please enjoy this series of stories, excerpted from a presentation Edith gave at the Annual Meeting of the Jewish Historical Society of New Haven.


There was another nice Jewish boy – David Daniel Kaminsky, better known as Danny Kaye, who was playing the part of Noah in TWO BY TWO. My husband and I were sitting behind him during a rehearsal and kibitzing with him. He got a kick out of discovering that they not only shared the exact same birthday but both had fathers who were tailors. I had been trying for a couple of days to get him to sign his autograph. Someone had just handed him a cup of coffee as I held out the pen. He took it and used it to stir the coffee. I said ‘hey that was a good pen.” He wiped it off, said “it still is” and signed.