A Beautiful Kindness Project

Act of Kindness Competition

“You’ve got to get up every morning with a smile
on your face
And show the world all the love in your heart.
Then people gonna treat you better.
You’re gonna find, yes you will, that you’re
beautiful, as you feel.”

—Carole King, “Beautiful”

The world we live in can be stressful.  While we may be connected to each other digitally, we often forget to have meaningful personal interactions and to generally be kind to ourselves and others.  Theater is a collaborative art that requires the interactions of not only the artistic and technical staff working on a show, but the response of a live audience as well.  In that spirit, this project looks to reconnect people with each other and their communities through a live theater experience and through acts of kindness.

The first step in this year-long project will be inspiring community members to create their own kindness projects to carry out during Random Act of Kindness Week (Feb 11-17, 2018).  The Shubert will be asking groups to share their project ideas with us and we’ll reward the best ideas with tickets to see Beautiful: The Carol King Musical or copies of the show’s amazing soundtrack.  Hopefully, we’ll even be able to help one group turn their idea into reality!

The Shubert has been accepted by KIND Causes to potentially win a $10,000 grant.  All we need you to do is VOTE for us—if we win, we’ll use that money to expand our “Beautiful Kindness” Project and help more people spread kindness in our community.  You only need to vote once, but you can earn up to 4 votes by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and email!

So how do you help?  Just click HERE and vote for the Shubert! You can vote for our cause by committing to doing a kind act. There will be a selection of kind acts to choose from, such as holding the elevator, thanking a local hero, etc.  See, you’re already making the world a better place!  Share our link and earn more votes.  It just takes a few seconds, but you’ll help start the ball rolling to impacting thousands of people with kindness. 

Stay tuned in October for more information about how to participate in our Beautiful Kindness Program.  In the meantime, please VOTE!  Voting opens September 10 and closes September 30.  But go ahead, vote NOW!