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Operations Maintenance Assistance

Posted October 23, 2020

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Primary Function
The Operations Maintenance Assistant is responsible for the general upkeep of the Shubert venue, excluding the performance space. This position ensures the theatre is well maintained and able to meet the needs of its users and patrons.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintains the Historic Shubert Theatre through different projects as assigned.
  • Provides quality work while understanding timelines and project completion dates.
  • Performs general maintenance of the building including but not limited to painting, light cleaning and small repair.
  • Installs and sets up items such as desks, chairs and other office equipment.
  • Performs event set ups, which may include pipe and drape, chairs and tables throughout the building.
  • Works with outside vendors to maintain fire equipment such as the fire pump, fire extinguishers and exit lights.
  • Receives, logs and distributes deliveries.
  • Organizes and inventories the Shubert's supplies.
  • Ensures that the exterior grounds are clean and safe for patrons and staff including the removal of trash, debris and snow as needed.
  • Performs other tasks as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • A strong understanding of theatre venues and scheduling.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications and google calendar.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with patrons, crew members and staff.
  • Ability to think quickly on your feet to resolve issues in a safe, calm and effective manner.
  • Ability to quickly adapt to a changing environment.
  • Strong attention-to-detail.
  • Ability to keep nonpublic information confidential.
  • Ability to lift up to 50lbs and be able to stand for up to 4 hours.
  • Ability to bend at the knees and hips as well as use ladders to reach high locations.

Credentials and Experience

  • High School Diploma /GED
  • 1-2 years' experience in general building maintenance and repair.

Special Requirements

  • Due to the nature of this performing arts venue, flexibly in scheduling is needed.

Shubert Executive Director

Posted October 07, 2020

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CAPA-CT, the operator of the New Haven Connecticut landmark – the Shubert Theatre – is seeking an Executive Director to lead the enterprise as a key contributor to the cultural vibrancy of the city and as an effective partner both to New Haven’s arts and culture sector and with its parent organization the Columbus (Ohio) Association of Performing Arts (CAPA).

The Shubert Theatre
The historic Shubert Theatre (CAPA-CT) is a not-for profit arts, education, and community organization serving the people of Connecticut, and in particular, the City of New Haven. As a public resource, the Shubert presents a wide array of programs to the city’s diverse communities. Programming includes performers representing many cultures, nationalities, and varieties of artistic expression. Partnerships with a wide range of organizations enrich the Shubert’s service to diverse local and regional communities. The Shubert delivers comprehensive education and community outreach programs, from a student series in the theater to master classes and lecture demonstrations in schools and community centers. The CAPA Community Connections ticketing program makes it possible for families who might not otherwise be able to attend the theater, to come at no cost to them.

The Shubert Theatre is a business unit of the Columbus (Ohio) Association for the Performing Arts, or CAPA. With a strong local Board of Directors, and drawing on programming support and shared services from CAPA, this partnership creates unique opportunities for expanded programming and administrative efficiency.

The City of New Haven is home to a diverse and highly regarded set of cultural institutions, including the Shubert; the International Festival of Arts and Ideas; the Long Wharf Theatre Company; the New Haven Symphony Orchestra; the Arts Council of Greater New Haven; and many more.

New Haven is the cultural capital of Connecticut. Connected to NYC, Boston, Hartford and the region by Interstates 95 and 91 as well as bustling commuter railways, New Haven draws a diverse mix of day-trippers, professionals, and students from the region, whose interests range from the broad and sophisticated cultural offerings to the many beautiful green spaces and recreational assets. This diversity and wide array of learning, cultural, and creative resources has spurred population growth in New Haven, distinguishing it from other Northeastern cities of similar history. In this context, new leadership has been engaged by nearly a third of Greater New Haven’s arts and culture organizations in the past five years, bringing a wave of fresh perspectives, curiosity, and a strong current of experimentation.

New Haven’s Division of Arts, Culture, and Tourism has launched a path-setting initiative in response to the arts community’s stated priorities, in the form of a new anti-racism pledge. The stated principles of justice, equity, diversity, inclusion, access, and relevance, and their implementation, will be key for the successful candidate to understand and address.

This dynamic cultural scene is complemented by New Haven’s educational community, with eight colleges and universities, including Yale University, as well as several magnet schools within the New Haven Public Schools system. Particularly important in the learning ecosystem is the Cooperative Arts and Humanities High School, a partner of the Shubert Theatre and, as the only arts magnet high school in the region, a compelling draw for students with an interest in focused arts and culture education.

New Haven’s communities are as – if not more – diverse and global as its cultural assets. One in eight residents of Greater New Haven hails from outside the US. A recent study by DataHaven notes that these residents are more likely to be employed than US-born residents, and are also highly educated, contributing significantly to the economic, cultural, and social fabric of the region.

The Shubert Theatre's Vision Statement
As a world-class venue for the performing arts, the Shubert Theatre will be the center of a thriving regional cultural scene. Through its community outreach and collaborations, the Shubert will be a leader in making New Haven a national model for the importance of the arts in communities.

CAPA-CT has identified several priorities moving forward that a new Executive Director will be charged with accomplishing. The CAPA-CT Board, with input from CAPA-Columbus leadership and New Haven community leaders, crafted and approved a strategic plan for the period 2018-2022. The principal goals of this plan are to:

  1. Diversify and expand programming and educational offerings to broaden our appeal
  2. Strengthen the brand to build on the iconic stature of the Shubert Theatre
  3. Strengthen Development support for the theatre
  4. Seek regional partnerships with a variety of performing arts organizations to provide greater operating efficiencies
  5. Institute “best practice” governance and management oversight

The Shubert Theatre's Current Mission Statement
CAPA/Shubert Theatre-New Haven brings the world to our legendary stage, enriches lives, and creates community through our mission to:

  • Preserve the legacy of the historic Shubert Theatre in New Haven as an icon of the American theatre by operating and evolving our theatre as a world-class performing arts center
  • Present international, national, and local programming of the highest quality, featuring renowned artists from all cultures and embracing all genres of the performing arts and the diversity of our local culture and community
  • Educate, inspire, and build new and diverse audiences by offering education and outreach programs which integrate the arts into our community and by providing affordable access to live performances at our theatre
  • Strengthen our arts communities through advocacy, partnership, collaboration, and mutual support
  • Invigorate the local economy through the programming we present, the audiences we attract, and our support of the businesses in our community

The Columbus Association for the Performing Arts
A non-profit, award-winning presenter of national and international performing arts and entertainment, the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts (CAPA) was founded in 1969. Over nearly 50 years, CAPA has become a cultural anchor for the Columbus community and reached beyond to be a model of innovative cultural enterprise. CAPA’s ownership of CAPA-CT is a national model for cross-market theater operation with a goal of strengthening arts communities and contributing to community and economic development.

CAPA serves as a theatre owner/landlord, presenter of performing arts, shared services manager, theater-based community developer, and fundraiser. CAPA is a complex organization, operating through several partnerships and business entities with an overall budget typically exceeding $23 million and a core operating budget over $16 million.

The Shubert Theatre Executive Director
CAPA-CT is seeking an experienced leader who will have the following credentials, skills, and abilities.

  • A forward-thinking, energetic, and inclusive professional.
  • Demonstrated leadership and related professional experience; executive experience leading a performing arts organization or similar non-profit organization preferred; familiarity with touring programming is a plus.
  • A passion for and a commitment to enhancing the City of New Haven and its communities through existing and future programming.
  • The ability to actively engage in and across New Haven’s communities by embracing equity, diversity, inclusivity and access while balancing the needs of CAPA-CT and its partners, CAPA and other stakeholders including the City of New Haven.
  • Track record of curiosity and confidence operating on the cusp of the field; ability to develop new ideas and cultivate new ideas among diverse stakeholders.
  • Significant organizational leadership experience, specifically in the areas of artistic inclusion, audience access, programming, community relations, fundraising, marketing/branding, fiscal management, and collaboration with governing bodies.

The Executive Director has accountability, responsibility, and authority for the leadership of CAPA-CT and operation of the Shubert Theatre. This individual reports to the President and CEO of CAPA and the CAPA-CT Board of Trustees.

She/he/they provide overall leadership to a New Haven-based professional staff1. This individual also ensures the Shubert’s activities, including financial, operational, fundraising, marketing, human resource, technology, and programs are effectively implemented across all components of the organization.

The Executive Director empowers all Shubert Theatre staff and volunteers. She/he/they are an effective communicator who will guide the Shubert through strategic planning and support organizational and staff development as it continues to evolve.

The Executive Director of CAPA-CT will have:

  • Outstanding presentation and communication skills; the ability to convey a vision of the Shubert Theatre’s strategic future to staff, board, volunteers, donors, and a wide array of community stakeholders.
  • Excellent collaboration skills with an ability to work effectively with a diverse variety of internal and external stakeholders; a persuasive negotiator able to achieve consensus amongst differing opinions.
  • Experience navigating and engaging municipal and other public agencies in an executive leadership role.
  • Strong commitment to the professional and individual development of staff; successful track record of managing, directing, and motivating a diverse team.
  • Excellent analytical, organizational, and problem-solving skills, which support and enable sound decision making.
  • Undergraduate degree required, Master’s degree or equivalent experience in related field preferred.
  • A personal and professional commitment to advancing social and racial justice, in collaboration with leaders in the arts and in other sectors.

Specific responsibilities include:
Board Interaction

The Executive Director will collaborate with the CAPA-CT Board and the President and CEO of CAPA to set strategic objectives that promote the mission, financial sustainability, and civic engagement of the organization.
Communicate effectively with the Board and the President and CEO of CAPA and provide, in a timely and accurate manner, all information necessary for the Board to function properly and to make informed decisions.
Participate in cultivating and developing the skills and engagement of Board members.
Deliver updates on the Shubert’s achievement of financial, programmatic, and positive mission-driven work environment.

Organizational Leadership

  • Provide inspirational leadership and direction to all senior management.
  • Support the continued development and management of a professional and efficient organization and establish effective decision-making and operational processes that will enable the Shubert to achieve its objectives.
  • Ensure the budget, staff, and priorities are aligned with the mission and the strategic direction of the Shubert.
  • Evaluate new business opportunities, lead the decision-making process, and effectively articulate the benefits and outcomes to the Shubert’s Board and staff.
  • Effectively lead the organization’s commitment as a broadly diverse, inclusive, equitable and accessible enterprise and programmer.
  • Engage externally and internally to model best practices and encourage participation in decision-making and participation; create and promote an inclusive, positive, multicultural work environment.
  • Facilitate and model cross-departmental collaboration and strengthen internal communications with staff throughout the organization.


  • Oversee the development of strategic and long- and short-range financial plans to ensure the financial success and long-term financial sustainability of the Shubert and its shared services partners (where applicable).
  • Oversee the development of an annual budget that is consistent with long-term financial sustainability and with the financial goals of the Shubert.
  • Ensure that the budget and financial goals are adequately benchmarked against actual results.

Community Relations and Fundraising

  • Serve as the Shubert’s primary spokesperson to the organization’s constituents, its partners, the media, and the public.
  • Enhance the Shubert’s image by being active and visible across New Haven’s many communities, working closely with and developing relationships with corporate, civic and arts leaders locally and nationally.
  • Partner with the City of New Haven and other arts and cultural organizations to drive activity that creates public value through thoughtful civic engagement, creative programming, and effective partnerships.
  • Drive expanded and effective fundraising programs and initiatives for corporate, government, and individual donors.
  • Cultivate and advance the Shubert’s educational programming, to serve students and lifelong learners


  • Oversee the delivery of high-quality and innovative programming, including but not limited to traditional Broadway content, that meets the artistic needs and aspirations of the communities the Shubert serves within the parameters of the annual budget.
  • Ensure the development of comprehensive marketing, branding and PR strategies that will promote the activities and programs of the Shubert and maximize long-term revenue potential consistent with the organizational mission.
  • Develop and implement a communication program that touches the breadth of New Haven and invites participation from the broadest range of participants.
  • Ensure the maintenance and upkeep of all Shubert properties.

Shared Services

  • Ensure that the Shubert meets the requirements of its shared services agreements and provides a level of service that is consistent with its own and CAPA’s standard of service.
  • Explore and develop additional opportunities to strengthen CAPA-CT, CAPA, and other potential partners locally to maximize customer service, revenue opportunities and cost efficiency.

About New Haven, Connecticut
The Quinnipiac are the Indigenous inhabitants of the land now called New Haven.

New Haven’s people, corporate landscape, and neighborhoods represent a global community. The home of Yale University and seven other colleges and universities, New Haven thrives on knowledge-based businesses, with outstanding healthcare, educational institutions, and cultural offerings.

As a center of innovation, the Greater New Haven region is expanding opportunities in technology and biology, encouraging entrepreneurs and training a workforce to meet current and future needs. New leadership at the gubernatorial and municipal level has already begun to advance an agenda focused on digital innovation, public agency efficiency, and investment in urban centers – all of which shine a light on New Haven’s assets.

Arts and entertainment in Greater New Haven represent more than 34,000 jobs, or about 15%, the third-largest sector after healthcare and social services (34%) and educational services (23%).

With dozens of respected cultural institutions, New Haven also boasts a diverse and dynamic set of local communities, with over 100 languages spoken in New Haven homes, a highly active LGBTQ community, and a vibrant youth community represented by teens who hold seats on the Board of Education, write for the Youth Arts Journalism Initiative, and hold long-term apprenticeships with professional artists at NXTHVN.

Compensation, including an excellent benefits package, will be competitive and commensurate with the successful candidate’s experience. The historic compensation for this position is $145,000-$165,000, and those interested in applying are encouraged to review the most recent available Form 990 on GuideStar by Candid.

Applications and Nominations
CAPA-CT is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE). Qualified applicants are considered for employment without regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status.

CAPA/The Shubert reserves the right to close the search for its convenience at any time, however, applicants are encouraged to apply by October 31, 2020. Please send nominations or application materials (CV/resume and cover letter) to