Program Sponsorship

Partner with the Shubert to provide vital Arts Education Programs to our community

Our Education and Outreach Initiatives cover a wide range of activities and impact the lives of thousands of members of our community.

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Here are some testimonies for our program participants:

“I think it is incredible that the Shubert makes these types of opportunities available for community members/non-profits. I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to have fun night out with some women
from the community who never would have had the opportunity to join in if not for these free tickets… Many thanks to those who have contributed towards making this program a reality. You have no idea how much this experience meant…”
- CCC Group Participant

“Thank you for coming to Fair Haven today! I can tell the students thoroughly enjoyed your program. A few students came up to me afterwards to tell me how much fun they had. I too was inspired to incorporate those activities into my future lessons. We look forward to working together again in the future. “ - Teacher at Fair Haven School

“Being a technician is the best place I can work other than acting. I am very grateful to CAPA for giving me this opportunity.” - Technical Apprentice

"My son John has autism and I was a little worried about his reaction to the performance, but he absolutely loved it. He sat there quietly for 2 hours with a look of amazement on his face. Now, we're making it an annual Christmas event to enjoy. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience that we will cherish each and every year!"

To learn more about how you can support these vital programs please call Nick Bussett at 203.773.4339.