Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

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  • Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour at the Shubert Theatre

  • Banff Centre Mountain Film and Book Festival is the largest and most prestigious mountain festivals in the world. Hot on the heels of the festival held every fall in Banff, Canada, the Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour hits the road. 

    With stops planned in about 550 communities and more than 40 countries across the globe, this year’s tour features a collection of the most inspiring action, environmental, and adventure films from the festival.

    Traveling to stunning landscapes and remote cultures, and bringing audiences up-close and personal with adrenaline-packed action sports, the 2019/2020 World Tour is an exhilarating and provocative exploration of the mountain world. 

    From approximately 400 films entered into the annual festival, award-winning films and audience favorites are among the films chosen to travel the globe - the following films will be shown at the Shubert:

    • The Flip 
    • Circle of the Sun 
    • Bayandalai - Lord of the Taiga   
    • Camel Finds Water 
    • Into the Canyon (Tour Edit)*  
    • Billder  
    • Myrtle Simpson: A Life on Ice (Tour Edit)
    • REEL ROCK 13: Up to Speed
    • Hors Piste

    Please note: these films are unsuitable for children, but the asterisk marked films do have language cautions. These are the films in which the language is noticeable. There are others with PG language cautions, but they are so brief that they are not evident.

    Showtimes & Prices

    Date Time Venue Pricing
    February 23, 2020 Sunday 7:00 pm Shubert Theatre

    $20 | $29 | $36

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