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  • MOMIX at the Shubert Theatre

  • In celebration of MOMIX’s 40th Anniversary, VIVA MOMIX is a collection of the most iconic pieces from the company’s illustrious repertoire. Combining illusion, beauty, magic, fun and inventiveness, VIVA MOMIX features everything that MOMIX is known for. Under the direction of Moses Pendleton, one of America’s most innovative and widely performed choreographers and directors. Surreal, surprising, and massively creative, there is nothing like the MOMIX performance experience! 

    Transporting audiences from their everyday lives to a fantasy world through its trademark use of magical lighting and imagery, MOMIX is recognized internationally for presenting work of exceptional innovation and physical artistry, and has been featured on stage, screen and television. In an endless search for another gravity, Artistic Director Moses Pendleton combines athletic dance, riveting music, outrageous costumes, inventive props and pure talent to create an entertaining multimedia experience that will surprise, enchant and astonish. Experience the Exceptional…Expect the Unexpected!
    “I’d love to be able to see into Pendleton’s dreams just one night, but dreams alone don’t make theater like this.” —The Philadelphia Inquirer

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    April 21, 2022 Thursday 7:30 pm Shubert Theatre

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