Sleeping Beauty

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  • Sleeping Beauty at the Shubert Theatre

  • Tchaikovsky's Sleeping Beauty is the ultimate romantic ballet, an enchanting fantasy story based on one of the most beloved fairy tales of all time. It has long been famous for its lavish productions and is considered the height of classical ballet – one of the greatest, purest works in the art form.

    The story was based on the Brothers Grimm's adaptation of the imaginative Frenchman Charles Perrault’s 1697 tale, "The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood." Tchaikovsky loved the story when he read it and wrote the music for the ballet (his second following Swan Lake), and his long-time collaborator, Marius Petipa, choreographed the dance. It was first presented in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1890. Almost 130 years since it was first staged, Sleeping Beauty has become one of the world's most popular ballets.

    The classic story of “Little Briar Rose,” (also called Princess Aurora) and Tchaikovsky's score is adored – even being used in Disney's version of the fairy tale – and the challenging choreography is as demanding as it is beautiful. The National Ballet Theatre of Odessa's sumptuous company of over 50 dancers brings this romantic tale of true love to life on the Shubert stage!

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    February 2, 2019 Saturday 3:00 pm Shubert Theatre

    Varies by location

    February 2, 2019 Saturday 7:30 pm Shubert Theatre

    Varies by location

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